Hi, my name is Tyler Hirn

I build awesome software things

01. About Me

A Software Engineer with a double degree in Psychology specialized in machine learning, data analysis, as well as project design with a side specialty in designing and building user experience for the web, ios, and android platforms. Currently focusing on bridging the gap between Psychology and Technology by developing a App that uses SVC, NLP, and NN Machine learning models to predict users mood and provide personalized music recommendations.

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02. Skills

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

  • Flutter
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • Google Cloud
  • Pandas + Excel
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript

02. Where I've Worked

Software Engineer @ Core Music LLC

May 2023 - Present, Atlanta, GA

  • Drove a 20.49% profit increase over 5 months for Rant-N-Rave Jewelry through optimized marketing and inventory management using Excel and Tableau. Developed a reliable UX dashboard for quick inventory testing, utilizing Python for efficient data transformation.
  • Created a fully integrated website attracting over 1 million dollars in direct investments to Organos Inc. biotech company. Prioritized communication with client requirements to maximize potential investors.
  • Designed and pitched a framework for integrating online e-commerce through Shopify and online marketing for a multi-million-dollar retail chain. This integration plan aimed to increase sales by 34% by introducing an online storefront and optimizing manpower and profitability.
  • Regularly addressed production bugs and improvements in Google Cloud Pipelines for hosted ML services, including maintaining a live notification system connected to Apple for monitoring and securing app purchase transactions.

Software Engineering Internship @ CWS

January 2021 - August 2022, Auburn, AL

  • Developed an internal football ticketing system as the sole developer, supporting $100,000+ in ticket sales annually through payment processing integration using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS with C# (.Net).
  • Recognized by Governor Ivey for developing a data-centric student elections dashboard for over 35,000 students, incorporating real-time data analytics and insights using Chart.js and SQL integration.
  • Pioneered an Aerospace alumni website for over 25,000 alumni at Auburn University, including an email hub and administrative controls for managing new applicant approvals and rejections.
  • Led the onboarding and mentorship of new interns, enhancing team capabilities and demonstrating leadership. Managed a team of 4 software engineers in designing SQL databases and utilizing Azure Pipeline for project integrations.
  • Collaborated directly with QA and Business Strategy departments to align software solutions with customer requirements and concerns, aiming to enhance customer retention.
  • Utilized DevOps practices and SQL-based error logging to monitor and debug production systems effectively, employing queries and dashboards for operational insights.

03. Some things I've built.

04. What's Next?

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Currently I am looking for opportunities that benefit human wellbeing, especially those related to machine learning, Psychology, and data analytics. Whether you just want to say hi, or have a question or collaboration, I will always try my best to get back to you!

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